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Online Tools You Can Use in Your Business

There are many tools offered through Web Technolgy that can help you manage your business better. Most of the Web Sites below all offer at least a basic level of free service. Many offer advanced services for a fee or subscription cost. Some may also require an on-line registration before allowing participation in any of their services.

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Delivery Tracking Services
Fedex, UPS, DHL, Airborne, USPS Express Mail
Used Car/Truck Prices
Edmund's Buyer's Guide,
US Postal Service
Home Page, Zip Code Finder, Postal Rates
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes
Telephone Services
Toll Free Number Directory, Area Code Listing by Number, Area Code Listing by State, Phonebooke(s)
US Government
Gov't Asset Sales, CIA World Factbook, Internal Revenue Service, Small Business Administration
Online Unit of Measure Conversion Programs Legacy Systems, Entisoft
People & Business Locators
Switchboard, Yahoo - Comp. Dir., AIS (Fee) w/DMV info.
Credit Bureaus (Fee)
Dun & Bradstreet, Experian,
On-Line Calculators
Express Mortgage, On-Line
Currency Converters
Bank CD Rate Scanner
Stock Quotes
APL Symbol Lookup, APL - Quotes, Quote.com
Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) Edgar Data Base
Hoover's (Large Corporate Database), Thomas Register,
Calendar - Special Day Reminder, Dictionary - Word Lookup
Cornell Law Library
URL Minder - Informs you when your important Web Sites have changed
Weather Forecast, Milage from here to there (USA only), MapQuest, City to City Driving Instructions
U. S. Naval Observatory Time,
Net Newsgroups

Web Search Engines
| All-in-One | Aliweb (UK) | Alta Vista | AOL Net Find | Excite | Galaxy |
| HotBot | InfoSeek | Lycos | Magellan | Northern Light |
| Snap | Starting Point | Switchboard | WebCrawler | Yahoo |


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